Scholl Shoes Categories For Men’s Dress Ware

Whether you enjoy formal dress ware or you need to have some on-call for those special occasions, you should always have the right shoes to match your wardrobe. When it comes to dress shoes, there are many different ones and it can be somewhat confusing as to which Scholl shoes go with which type of clothing. This is why we’re going to share with you some of the most popular types of dress shoes and what you should be wearing with them.

Why is Scholl Such An Underrated Shoe?

The first traditional type of dress shoe is the Oxford. This is a lace-up dress shoe that has a slight heel in the back. These are typically available with a cap toe that gives an all-around formal look. If you want to ensure your shoes match almost any kind of attire, you should opt for black Oxfords. If you can afford a couple of different pairs, we highly suggest making dark brown leather your second pair. Leather gives an added look of sophistication to your style. 

Next up we have the loafer. Also called penny loafers, this type of Scholl shoes online is a traditional pick for those born in the forties. It provides a very low sole with no laces or straps. These are slip-on shoes similar to moccasins, but dressier. Loafers tend to have a piece of metal, tassel, or leather that straddles the upper section of the front of the dress shoe. These types of Scholl shoes are best left for those semi-casual events as they provide more of a laidback look.

The variety of Scholl shoes is large

The next type of Scholl shoes that you should have in your closet is the Derby. These are very similar to the Oxford in the way they’re designed. However, the laces of the Derby’s are sown on the outside of the shoe. This is what is the biggest difference between the two types of Scholl shoes online. The Derby is intended to be a less formal type of the Oxford meant for smart-casual events. These come in a wide variety of colors, however, we urge you to stick with the basics of black and brown. These colors tend to go with a wider variety of pants.

The last type of Scholl shoes we’re going to talk about is the monk straps. These are dress shoes that have a buckled strap instead of laces. In some cases, these come with up to three different straps. You’ll find monk straps available in a wide variety of colors and strap setups, and at Mode Footwear.

Choosing to Buy Scholl Shoes Today

There are many different types of Scholl shoes that you should have in your closet for those dressier events. It’s always a good idea to understand the different types of shoes that are available. This way you know exactly what type of shoe to wear to which type of event.

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