Merrell Shoes and the great outdoors

When you think of the great outdoors with hiking and trail running and incredible activities surrounding nature’s terrain, proper shoes and boots are essential. That is where the American footwear performing giants of Merrell shoes come in.

The brand has been around since 1981 when a trio of founders including Randy Merrell established a line of quality-made, high-geared hiking boots.

Why are Merrell shoes so good for hiking?

Today, Merrell shoes Australia are sold under the huge footwear label called Wolverine World Wide and have branched out into a variety of superior hiking and outdoor shoes and boots for today’s modern trailblazers. These materials and designs feature some popular, lightweight footwear.

Merrell shoes Australia are so well-regarded that just in 2010 alone, annual sales were robust and amounted to just shy of $500 million.

Merrell shoes go beyond just for men. In fact, the brand sells women’s and children’s lines with the same major variety of styles.

For instance, the active woman can find plenty of wonderful options. These include footwear for hiking, trail running, fitness, casual, slip-ons, shoes, casual boots, winter boots and sandals.

Merrell Shoes get you moving to explore the outdoors

The Moab collection has been a major hit with customers since launching in 2006. The multi-sport shoe provides a snug heel fit, preciseness over the instep and plenty of room in the ball area of the foot.

The new Moab 2 is another elite performer in the Merrell shoes Australia line with supreme comfort and durability anywhere your trails take you. The hiking shoe/boot features performance suede with a mesh upper, a great contoured footbed and some serious grip with its unique rubber outsole.

The Barefoot shoe is a popular seller designed with technology that offers maximum performance with a minimal look. The women’s Vapor Glove 3 provides an incredible sock-like feel with a barefoot shape and a zero drop from the heel to the toe for a natural stride, with Merrell Shoes at

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The technology feels right for every kind of foot and offers a premium lightweight shoe with comfort and plenty of hidden support. The four colors the Vapor Glove 3 comes in are also quite appealing. There is Garden Topiary (green/blue), Azalea, Black Silver and Baja Blue.

Merrell shoes have taken innovation to a whole new elevation as the brand likes to say. The company’s humble beginnings as a hiking boot manufacturer have not only maintained its quality features but moved ahead with modernity, technology and superior design.

Merrell shoes get you moving and exploring the great outdoors.

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